ITL Program Virtual Access Agreement

The ITL Program exists to help all engineering students in their quest for academic excellence by providing learning environments conducive to hands-on and online engineering-based education. The ITL Program creates and supports a wide-variety of resources, tools, and equipment for CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) students, faculty, and staff.

By accepting this agreement, I will have instant, but limited, access to the ITL Program’s digital resources through a newly created ITL user account (similar to, but separate from your CU identikey) from the convenience of home. I further recognize if I want complete access, I must participate in the full ITL Laboratory tour.

This virtual access agreement provides access to:

  • Software that can be downloaded to my personal device.

  • Sign-up for and participate in ITL Program skill-building workshops.

  • Check out an extensive list of equipment, tools, and supplies for coursework.

  • Purchase many of the services available through the website.

With this limited agreement, I understand:

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